A day at Arches National Park


We spent a day exploring Arches National Park in Utah. This is an amazing place, full of all sorts of stone formations and, well, arches. It’s the kind of place where the photos tell the story.

Balanced rock isn’t really balanced. It’s all one formation of different kinds of rock. But some day it will fall.

Delicate Arch is the most famous and most photographed arch in the park. This is taken from a distance. It’s a bit of a hike to get up close. If you want to see closer photos, the Internet has plenty.

Skyline Arch was created in 1940 when a huge boulder fell.

The formation is called the Three Gossips. It looks kind of three women in bonnets huddled together.

Robin checks out the “ranch house” of the Wolfe Ranch, which was started by a man and his son. Later they were joined by his daughter and her family. The house, actually a one-room cabin, is the second, more “luxurious” dwelling on the property.



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