Wrapping up the trip: turkeys and some numbers


After we left the Salton Sea, we headed north through California. We made a stop at the Four Wheel Campers factory in Woodland to have a few repairs made, then spent the night at an RV park just north of Redding.

It’s fairly nice for a commercial RV park, but the thing that was the most fun was the turkeys who wandered through the campground.

Wild turkeys in the RV park north of Redding

Turkeys in the RV park north of Redding

After one more night on the road, at a campground outside Eugene, we returned at last to Whidbey.

Final trip statistics:

  • Miles driven: 4,702
  • Average speed: 52 mph
  • Days on the road: 22
  • License plates seen: 48 states (all except Hawaii and Rhode Island), five Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba), and one Mexican state (Sonora).


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