Westward ho, part one


The Tensaw River, which borders Blakeley Park

After a one-night stopover at a nice state park in Georgia, we crossed into Alabama, where we spent two nights at Historic Blakeley State Park. (We passed through the area that was hit by tornadoes that killed 23 people, but we were long gone by then.)

Although it’s called a state park, Blakeley is financed and run separately from the Alabama park system. It is the site of an early 19th century settlement that briefly sought to rival Mobile as a port before it fell into decay and disappeared.

It is also the site of the largest Civil War battle fought in Alabama.  Since it took place just a few days before Appomattox, it is also said to be the last major battle of the war. Hiking trails run along some of the old fortifications, and cannon are placed here and there, though it’s unlikely they are from the battle.

Robin and Teddy with a historical marker along the old road between Blakeley and Pensacola, Fla.

In addition to the historical aspects, the park was quite pleasant, with lots of trees and other foliage. From here we headed for Louisiana.

Historical markers for the Civil War Battle of Fort Blakeley. The one on the left honors soldiers from Missouri who fought on both sides.

Part of a group of riders we encountered in the park. Some of them seemed to be from the local sheriffs office.

One of the many big old trees in the park



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